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The Travelers

Hi! We’re Alice and James; we are two hungry travellers enjoying food and trips.  James has been a passionate foodie the day since he was born, and successfully turned Alice into his follower.

“For every traveller who has any taste of his own, the only useful guidebook will be the one which he himself has written.”
- Aldous Huxley

Journeys not matter how big or small, as long as there is authentic food on the way. Our preferred travel style is to go slow and take out time exploring food.

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The Blog

Foodntrips is a travel blog with a focus on food, created to record our footprint of travelling for food.  We see travel as a journey that enriches our lives and makes us better people – and we want to share that invaluable experience with you.  Foodntrips written by two gourmet travellers was born in August 2009. Since then, I have been chronicling our travels, sharing restaurant recommendations, offering accommodation options, giving tips and trick to exploring the places we have visited. We have made lots of new friends over the years and hopefully inspired others to travel more, eat more and discover new restaurants.

Wish all travels always be interesting and filled with gourmet food.



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Featured Journals 精华日志


掌门常常说,世界上的人大体有两种。一种是馋大于懒的人,另一种是懒大于馋的人;他自己属于前者;而护法则属于后者。因此不管生活有多忙,时间有多紧,哪怕就是吃泡面,也要吃出个专业来。 嘴巴这么刁的人,自然不会满足于别的厨子的作品,虽然吃的时候很过瘾,吃完后几乎无一例外都会说:‘有啥啊,介个还差点劲,要经我手一过,比介可要强多了!“ 于是研发了很多掌门秘方。

We never planned to stay in New Zealand for so long, simply because James’s homesick for Chinese food. How we end up still being here more than ten years after we first landed in Dunedin, I don’t know. Making an educational guess, I think it has to be the kitchen skills both of us managed to develop over the years. We become more and more enjoying gourmet home made meals in our backyard with friends. We share cooking secrets; we exchange interesting recipes, we cross-examine each other’s dishes; we challenge each other’s cooking ideas. we chat about newly discovered restaurants. This journal records the happy times and yummy memories.

食色美利坚 America Trip 2011

没 想到最后让掌门改变主意同意去美加转一圈的竟然是缅因州的大龙虾 自从上个世纪90年代中, 因公差去过美国蜻蜓点水了一下以后,护法就迷上了美帝国主义。一心想去美国留学,在掌门极度不屑的目光下考过GRE, 考过GMAT, 虽然最终未能成行, 但是总是想着哪天要再去美国转转的。 自从搬到新西兰后,离美利坚也就隔着一个太平洋, 留学的愿望是没有了,取而代之的就是去旅游的想法。

断断续续用了一年多时间,终于,把所有文章都写完整了。一共73篇文章 。 食色美利坚全集 总结一下,此行大伙最喜欢的地方各有不同: 掌门:以洛杉矶半岛海鲜为中心方园一公里的所有地方 护法: 在新英格兰和洛基山的Jasper之间漂移 厨公: 纽约的时代广场 美厨娘:新英格兰的白山地区 (White Mountain) 掌门最郁闷的事情是,直到离开的那一刻, 还没有搞清楚洛杉矶的Car Pool 系统,这倒是给我们再次造访美利坚提供了一个不错的理由。 护法最感慨的是:美国才是一块真正的肥肉! 地大物博,气候宜人,自然资源丰富。这次时间太紧,行色匆匆,下次再来要把那些个国家公园好好走一走,当然还要去吃一顿新英格兰的龙虾!

梦幻斐济 Amazing Fiji 2010

蓝天白云小岛,碧海银沙椰风;听着海浪声入睡,随着波涛声醒来。斐济就象是一座世外桃园,吸引着无数人前往。 斐济是渡假的圣地,有无数个酒店和餐厅,除主岛以外有无数个小岛。都知道斐济的无限风光是在外岛上的,那么如何选择去哪个外岛呢?如何最佳地利用珍贵的假期,尽情地享受斐济天堂一样的体验呢?

斐济市南太平洋里的一颗璀璨的明珠。但是想要真正体验这颗明珠的璀璨,,不能只住在斐济主岛上,以为参加小岛一日游的项目就可以感受斐济的魅力是不现实 的。大多数旅行社促销斐济时的便宜旅行套餐大多是停留在主岛上的。这样的旅行虽然看似便宜,其实是浪费时间和金钱。去斐济玩有一个基本的原则就是一定要住 在船程在6小时以上,或是坐飞机才能到的小岛上。斐济系列记录了我们的吃住行玩全过程。


出于对中国美食的无限热爱和对国内有毒食材的极度担心,掌门终于下决心另辟蹊径,去探一探海外华人中餐市场的究竟。 因此真正吸引掌门去墨尔本的是其享有的南太平洋美食之都的美誉。当然,在掌门眼里,这美食主要是指中餐。据掌门得到的半可靠消息,网上有人宣称墨尔本的中餐比中国大陆的还要正宗,还要原汁原味。虽然掌门也觉得不靠谱,但是本着知行合一的严谨治学态度,掌门决定要获取一手材料来作评判。以掌门在国内大嘴吃四方的经历,自认为还是有些资历去墨尔本实地考察验证一番地.

If we have to choose a city to live in Australia, it has to be Melbourne. Not because of anything else, simply for the food, and to be more precise, Chinese food. James was lost in the sea of Chinese restaurants in Melbourne. A 5 day short trip like this just couldn’t fit in all the places James wanted to explore. He made a mental note there and then that one day he will come back for more palate pleasure. This journal records our experiences in this metropolitan area.

100% PURE NEW ZEALAND 新西兰风景线

地球上有这样一个美丽的国度。她就像一块比率的翡翠,镶嵌在浩瀚无际的南太平洋上。这,就是被人们誉为“100% 纯净之国”的新西兰。我们的第二故乡。 这里的天空是湛蓝;这里的空气是清甜的;这里的水是甘冽的;这里的人是善良的。

So we are still here. I think we are addicted to the blue sky and fresh air here in New Zealand. In this beautiful country, whatever you are doing, biking, fishing, golfing, beach-walking, bog-walking, is a pure pleasure. Alice also got herself a new hobby, photograph. It doesn’t take any extra effort to work with photoshop like her fellow photographers in China, to PS the scenery, to make a professional looking photo. This journal records the beautiful New Zealand and how we are exploring the home of the long white cloud.

GOURMET CHINA 天朝舌尖行 2013

本来今年的计划是欧洲,但是想想好几年没有回去了,嘴巴很馋了。于是有一天看到了特价的回国机票,掌门马上把行程改了。想想也是,出国前在中国也没有机会好好的周游一下,还有好多好吃的东西没有尝过,再加上中央电视台2012年最火爆的记录片《舌尖上的中国》让掌门口水长流了大半年, 所以我们两个一拍即合,来一个2013年天朝舌尖行。

China is a huge country with a wide range of cuisines. To taste the best food, one have to go to the source. Bearing this in mind, we put together an itinerary for this trip featured with fujian cuisine and Guizhou crisis. Especially Fotiaoqiang–Steamed Abalone with Shark’s Fin and Fish Maw in Broth. It is safe to say that Fotiaoqiang is the primary driver for James to take on this trip.


Some people may say, life in New Zealand is so boring. Everybody goes home straight after work, nobody wandering around on the street. Even the Courtney Place, the busiest corner in Wellinton, not waking up until Thursday nights. My father once said to me when we were having a stroll in our neighborhood, ‘ so quiet here, can’t see anybody on the street! Where is everybody?’ Well, this is exactly the beauty of living in New Zealand, you almost have all the space by yourself! You won’t be stuck on the highway, you will have more time on your hands. A friend used to say, ‘ I doubled my life by living in New Zealand, I can achieve so many things within such a short period of time, because not so many people to share the resources with you’ Well, this is so true! I feel the same. Apart from travel and eat, we have time to foster new hobbies like writing, blogging, golfing , bridge, biking, and most recently, Oil Painting. This is not possible if we still lead a busy and chaotic life in China. This journal records things we do that don’t belong to the blog’s main theme: Food and Trips.

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